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I’m not a Superhero

Now there are many reasons that this is true… I look terrible in a Lycra bodysuit as it shows all of the bumps and lumps I would rather not have, I get laughed at when I wear my boxer shorts over my jeans … especially when making a presentation to a board meeting, but mainly […]

Out of my comfort zone

They say that once in a while you should do something that’s a little bit crazy and a little bit scary … so I’ve gone ahead and booked myself into a big, big event… and now I’m wondering why the hell I decided to throw myself into the biggest challenge of my career. I’ve signed […]

Learn Your Lesson well!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein Any PM worth their salt spends a potentially painful but rewarding period at the end of the project doing a lessons learned review.  The more cynical refer to it as a Post-Mortem.  Regardless of the title, it is vital […]

Moving Day

There are some jobs where it seems you are never “off duty”. No matter how hard you try not to look for it, something comes up that turns a quiet Sunday afternoon into a “Same crap, different office” situation. Project Management is one of those jobs – and it seems not a month goes by […]