I’m not a Superhero

Now there are many reasons that this is true… I look terrible in a Lycra bodysuit as it shows all of the bumps and lumps I would rather not have, I get laughed at when I wear my boxer shorts over my jeans … especially when making a presentation to a board meeting, but mainly because I make mistakes… and boy, do I make a lot of them.

I recently did a workshop at The Best You Expo in London where I talked about planning being one of the critical success factors – yet it is something I am notoriously bad at doing myself.

It’s not for lack of trying either! I have read books on it, I have templates and journals, I have the Journal from Robert Craven but I always get distracted by normally one or two tasks that I want to get done as a priority. It’s a bit like trying to have my frog and eat it.

The problem is that this method frequently leads me to unstuck. I have lots of little habits that frequently get overlooked because I’ve failed to plan my day.

I’m one of those people who has 1000 ideas floating around their head all day long and so I never seem to be able to actually get around to getting stuff done

I’m taking a couple of days out for the rest of Feb just to go back to the drawing board and make sure that I enter March with more purpose …. And that also includes making sure that I am actually blogging on a regular basis!

Sometimes it’s very easy to tell people how to improve .. much harder to do it yourself!!